Supporting Our Veterans

Tuolumne County has over 5,000 veterans, and for their service and sacrifice in past wars, ongoing conflicts, and keeping our military readiness during peacetime, they deserve our respect and support at home. I honor that patriotism.

Some may ask “isn’t serving veterans a federal responsibility?” In part, you’re right. But there’s a huge local role in assisting veterans with paperwork, onboarding, local halls, providing services, and serving as a representative.

The Veterans Services Office (one of my first outreach meetings) helps bring in over $20 million a year in assistance and connects veterans with local groups. If you are interested in eligibility, reply to or call me at (209) 770-5084.

However, over the last decade, we’ve seen several issues where the County should have stood up for veterans: arguing if Veteran Halls are actually veteran facilities (there was a lawsuit), trying to pave over the Blue Star Families memorial in Tuolumne against local chapter wishes, deferred building maintenance on halls, and a hands-off approach instead of being part of the team in fundraisers, recruitment, and more. 

My opponent’s camp is worried these issues will lead veterans to support my candidacy, and has used their influence to prevent open discussion of these issues, blocking me from forums, spreading rumors that I’ll cut all funding, pressuring veterans that publicly support me by challenging their patriotism.

Unlike my opponent, I am not a veteran. I greatly respect his military career. But, as a County Supervisor, I believe we can do better. If elected, I will seek the endorsement from local chapters to serve on the Tuolumne County Veteran’s Committee to fight for:

  • Sharing resources on education, job placement, and services
  • Getting repair funds for deferred maintenance to Veteran Halls
  • Designating Halls as Veteran-run facilities
  • Bringing together Veteran organizations and local veteran non-profits
  • Facilitating outreach to districts without Veteran’s Halls such as ours
  • Encouraging public-private partnership with non-profit groups to offset the effects of past cuts
  • Working with local veteran rights activists to support a transitional housing non-profit
  • Supporting the establishment of a CalVet Women Veterans chapter

Joining a Chapter 

Veteran Resources 


Veteran Services Help Topics

  • Compensation for service related disabilities
  • Pension for veterans with non-service connected disabilities
  • Education benefits and vocational rehabilitation (application and information)
  • Medical treatment at VA Medical Centers (application and information)
  • Home loan benefits (application for certificate of eligibility and program information)
  • Government Life Insurance
  • Burial benefits
  • Pension for non-service related deaths
  • Proceeds of government life insurance
  • Military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)
  • Medical benefits
  • Educational benefits. Including the California College Waiver Progra
  • Agent Orange programs
  • Alcoholism and drug treatment programs
  • State of California Veterans benefits
  • Veterans home loans
  • Hospital care
  • Outpatient medical and dental care
  • Small Business Administration programs
  • Employment and job search resources


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