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Need your help to send Covid 19 suggestion to Governor's office by email

Please provide me your email so I can send you the details relating to my idea of isolating the infected at a closed hospital that can reopen quickly to treat all California infected patients in Fresno. Please help with this, what government official or citizen can be the hero? Good idea Robert Parker 209 479 4849

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We should contribute portable toilets for the homeless

PRO ARGUMENT: + They're pooping somewhere, with or without toilets. + Streams, business stoops, and streets are not ideal places for raw sewage. + Weekly maintenance and rental of these units costs roughly $2,000.00 each. In comparison to other county expenses, this is miniscule. + Health issues from sanitation (like Typhus, Hepatitis C, "medieval" diseases) can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. + Medical, clean-up, waste removal costs after-the-fact cost magnitude more than prevention CON ARGUMENT and COUNTERPOINTS: - It's unfair to those who work hard for their money. A: To me, it's not just a moral issue. It's risk management and cost savings. Just like ignoring engine trouble in your car isn't a good long-term money saving strategy, ignoring homeless populations here doesn't make them go away. In fact, it would probably increase not only in severity of needs but also number of people. - We should put them on a bus and ship them out of here! A: Well, to me this is not only immoral but illegal – it's not right of other areas to do it to us nor us to them. The reality is these people are here. - We already give them too much stuff. A: Much of what homeless folks get isn't from the county. VA benefits, food stamps, and welfare are federal. Behavioral health is state. Clothing, food, and sleeping bag materials are often through groups like ATCAA Food Bank, Interfaith, and others. Water tanks, facilities, etc are often through advocates with Give Someone A Chance, business groups (Chicken Ranch), or private land-owners (the Rotellis on Stockton Road). All these groups have their hearts in the right place. I believe we need a combined Master Plan to work on it which includes these groups doing what they do best –– their important volunteer work, ministering, and treatment.

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