Q: Why are you running?

I love my home, and I worry about the path we are on. Housing insecurity, job insecurity, leaders that feel far away. Unlike politicians to date, I get these issues because I, too, live with these issues. We are strong, especially at the local level, and one single person can make a huge difference.

Initially, I just wanted to volunteer. Make a difference, use my experience, help get someone better in there. But the more I dived in to see what was and wasn't being done, the more it became clear that we needed not just an adjustment but an entirely new voice. These elections are too often controlled by a small minority of folks. A "Good Ol' Boys" club of entrenched interests that want to keep people out and thinking they can't make a difference. I couldn't disagree more with that mentality. 

So there I was: A born and raised local with experience in campaigns, managing million dollar budgets, holding elected office, serving on county boards, working at several levels of government, and serving elected representatives of both parties. Someone that cut their teeth on voter registration and getting people involved. Someone facing all the issues I sought to change. Someone wanting to dedicate my time and passion to work I believe in. 

It wasn't a quick choice. It took me a long time to decide and muster the courage to file. This is a hard campaign for a hard job facing difficult challenges. But the final straw was this: I asked myself "who am I waiting for to stand up for me if I won't stand up for myself and those like us?"

That's when I decided to run.


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