Q: Can you win?

Absolutely. Since day one, I have been a grassroots independent underdog against monied established interests. But this election is important and we’re all tired of current politics. We want new blood. We want candidates working to earn your support. After months of sharing our message, I was amazed with the outpouring of support from nearly every door I knocked or post I made. 

In the March 3rd Primary Election, we had our work validated with a blowout 49.1%, narrowly missing total victory by 39 votes. This was with three candidates and a full 16% ahead of the incumbent. Even many who did not support me still demanded change. Between my votes and Mike Suess's (who took third place), fully 2/3rds of our District said it's time to Retire Rodefer. 

As we go into November, I remember what brought us here. People. Ideas. Vision. A thousand conversations and knocked doors, and a broad, diverse coalition. I am 200% committed and resolute to working hard for your vote over the next few months as I was starting this campaign over a year ago, and with your help, I know we can do it. 

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