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Key assumptions from a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study predict the following about the future of the Coronavirus:

  • 20% to 60% of people will ultimately become infected with the coronavirus
  • 15% of people who are infected will require hospitalization
  • 15% of all hospitalizations will require the most intensive care
  • 2% to 7% of uninsured people will require hospitalization for COVID-19, from 670,000 to 2 million admissions

It could be 9 to 18 months before we achieve herd immunity, so avoidance may not be (by itself) enough. Make sure you are covered in case you get it. While mortality risk is greatest in the elderly and at-risk populations, anyone including young, healthy people can get it and need aggressive and costly medical intervention. 

The deadline to get health insurance through Covered California is JUNE 30th! 

Why get insurance now?

A treatment regimen for a COVID-19 hospitalization is estimated to be $40,000 to $48,000 by the Kaiser Family Foundation. This makes it especially important to ensure that you are covered by health insurance.

The good news is that because of the crisis, they really want to get you covered. There's more financial assistance available than before.

You can click the image below to go directly to the site, but I recommend supporting our local insurance folks who better know our situation.

Local Insurance Offices That Can Help You

Suess Insurance

Roger L. Stevens Insurance Agency

Sonora Insurance

Cutler-Segerstrom Insurance

or the site: 

What do I do if I recently lost my employer-based health insurance?

This article can walk you through it. Again, I recommend calling a local insurance office to see what can be done.

Seeking Medical Care

If you are feeling ill, a first easy step is to get a virtual urgent care check up from Mark Twain Medical Center (as of March 20th). It costs just $35. Here is the article link:

Dignity Health Mark Twain Medical Center today announced the launch of a free virtual urgent care service, Virtual Care Anywhere, for anyone in our community experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of the new coronavirus. Virtual urgent care visits are being encouraged as an initial care option for anyone who would like to discuss symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 with a health care professional. 

A telehealth call with Adventist Health Hospital is also available at the cost of $49.


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