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Example: "This guy GETS IT. We need someone on the Board of Supervisors that has ideas and wants to try things!"

Example: "I might not agree with Jaron on every issue. But I do recognize a person of character and conviction who wants to help people, and I believe Jaron is in this for the right reasons –– and has some good ideas too."

Example: "Rodefer has got to go! We need a leader that brings people together, not blocks or yells at them. Get him, Jaron!"

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Craig Cassidy
Kathy Hakl
Dan Webster
Mary Schreiner
Mark Seiver
Bruce Mitchell
Tristan Celayeta
Paige Meier
Barbara Dresslar
David Diehl
Jaden McCaffrey
Patricia & Robert Ingalls
Carol Mabe
Linda Emerson
Frank Russell
Andy Klyn
suzanne praisler
Katie Pelfrey
Anne Burleigh     Jacobs
Paige Meier
Janet Telford
John Hire
Diane Wright
George Van Buskirk Tuolumne Mining District
John Accurso
Yvonne Brightbill
Andrew Nelson
konrad ehresman
Stefani Reichle
Ann Leonard

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  • Craig Cassidy
    endorsed 2020-10-04 12:38:32 -0700
    D5 deserves someone with ideas, motivation and transparency. Like, someone new. Vote Jaron!
  • Kathy Hakl
    endorsed 2020-09-28 18:27:28 -0700
  • Dan Webster
    endorsed 2020-09-28 07:52:20 -0700
    How exciting to think we may have a County BOS representative that brings enthusiasm and a hands-on approach to community involvement! Chances are most people don’t even know who their BOS rep is (and the good ole boy culture tends to like it that way). People will know Jaron – he’ll be out there picking up trash and doing beautification projects with them, and helping neighbors who need a hand.
  • Mary Schreiner
    endorsed 2020-09-27 20:04:48 -0700
    I don’t live in District 5, but the decisions by the BOS have a direct impact on every resident of this county. I strongly support Jaron Brandon for Supervisor because we can’t afford another scandal like the TCEDA, which cost us $6 million. We have a juvenile detention facility that is mostly empty. We need supervisors who understand the needs of our community and Jaron not only understands, but has great ideas for the future, too.
  • Mark Seiver
    endorsed 2020-09-27 14:51:58 -0700
  • Bruce Mitchell
    endorsed 2020-09-27 11:33:31 -0700
  • Tristan Celayeta
    endorsed 2020-09-27 08:36:49 -0700
    Jaron’s demonstrated social investment in District 5 and comparison with the incumbent together with the historic failures of the incumbent and indebtedness he has wrought upon the county make the choice like falling off of a log.
  • Paige Meier
    endorsed 2020-09-26 19:43:09 -0700
    Though we don’t always agree on all issues, Jaron has the potential to be a great supervisor. The county needs someone who will bring people together to tackle difficult issues. We need to move beyond the approaches that haven’t worked and have put our country in even more financial straits. One example is the library, the most favored department in the county, which has now seen major cuts in employees, more so than any other department. Let’s move forward.
  • Barbara Dresslar
    endorsed 2020-09-22 11:04:24 -0700
    Jaron is a born and raised local who has shown leadership working with all political affiliations at the State level. He brings new energy and ideas when our community desperately needs a new path for our economy and decision-making.
  • David Diehl
    endorsed 2020-09-21 19:22:49 -0700
  • Jaden McCaffrey
    endorsed 2020-09-21 11:07:09 -0700
    Jaron is a candidate who listens. We’ve seen what Rodefer can do: NOTHING. Jaron cares about Tuolumne and is committed to listening to the community and making positive change.
  • Patricia & Robert Ingalls
    endorsed 2020-09-16 13:35:12 -0700
    It is an easy choice. Jaron, who is one of the ’good guys’, will represent everyone who lives in Tuolumne County with honestly and fairness. Jaron makes a genuine effort in being interested in what is going on and is proactive on the issues that affect this County, and not for any political gain. We may not live in his District, but I work in it, and Jaron has proven that his interest in every person and every business is important to him. When Jaron takes office it will be the new experience of positive thinking and results we need for the future.
  • Carol Mabe
    endorsed via 2020-09-12 09:43:48 -0700
    We need more young people in the community to step up and make this county someplace young and old can be proud of living here. We need to find ways to keep the younger people here to want to stay and help keep the lights on.
  • Linda Emerson
    endorsed 2020-09-09 07:43:43 -0700
    Our county needs supervisors who are willing to take a hands-on approach to the community at large. Jaron is exactly who we need to represent District 5!
  • Frank Russell
    endorsed 2020-09-08 14:40:33 -0700
    I support Jaron Brandon because he lives and breathes Tuolumne County. Moreover, I believe strongly that Jaron will provide outstanding leadership and fresh ideas. Jaron makes things happen. Please join me in supporting Tuolumne County local, Jaron Brandon.
  • Andy Klyn
    endorsed 2020-09-08 07:23:29 -0700
    Time to clear up the bottleneck in Jamestown. Lets Go Jaron. We need you on this
  • suzanne praisler
    endorsed 2020-09-07 12:23:18 -0700
    District 5 needs new energy and new ideas. Jaron is the candidate for the job.
  • Katie Pelfrey
    endorsed 2020-09-07 08:26:46 -0700
  • Anne Burleigh     Jacobs
    endorsed 2020-09-07 07:07:28 -0700
    I do not live in District 5 but strongly recommend Jaron for office! We must bring new ideas and fresh energy to this county and be done with the “good ol’ boys” who only act to serve themselves. Thank you, Jaron!
  • Paige Meier
    endorsed 2020-09-06 20:24:14 -0700
    I appreciate that Jaron actively listens. And he gets out there and works in the community. While we may not agree on all issues, he has integrity. Something that is sorely needed on the BOS.
  • Janet Telford
    endorsed 2020-09-06 17:35:20 -0700
  • John Hire
    endorsed 2020-09-06 17:11:09 -0700
  • Diane Wright
    endorsed 2020-09-06 17:09:44 -0700
  • George Van Buskirk
    Tuolumne Mining District endorsed 2020-09-06 15:12:31 -0700
    We asked Jaron to sit on the board as a civilian. During our last meeting Jaron made 2 motions which were adopted. He is a good “second set of eyes” to view problems
  • John Accurso
    endorsed 2020-09-05 19:35:53 -0700
    Welcome to the United Twenty-First Century States!
  • Yvonne Brightbill
    endorsed 2020-09-05 12:42:51 -0700
  • Andrew Nelson
    endorsed 2020-09-05 11:28:03 -0700
  • konrad ehresman
    endorsed 2020-09-05 11:22:09 -0700
    Seeing Jaron’s involvement in this community has been inspiring. His ideas for bringing Tuolumne County into the 21st century while still honoring this counties’ great history should me a model for all BOS members. His message has inspired me to get involved with a political campaign for the first time in my life, even though Jaron is not in my district.
  • Stefani Reichle
    endorsed 2020-09-05 10:24:56 -0700
    I have walked door to door with Jaron and am impressed with his ability to deeply listen to people from all walks of life, and integrate that into his vision of what will make us a stronger and more resilient community. His energy, enthusiasm, and boots on the ground involvement is amazing. His idea of monthly town hall meetings to keep in touch with the concerns of the citizens here is exciting and long overdue.
  • Ann Leonard
    endorsed 2020-09-05 10:07:10 -0700