Thank you for choosing to make a contribution to my campaign. Reaching 6,500 5th district residents is a challenge and we use many mediums to help carry that message. This page will help you choose your donation and collect the information we need for FPPC reporting. 

Your donation helps us reach these voters by purchasing signs, Facebook ads, mailers, handouts, ads in the Union Democrat, spots with Clark Broadcasting, tabling materials, button makers, and more. And it helps to even the odds against an opponent who dropped tens of thousands of dollars into his race last minute to avoid losing in the primary. 

If you are able, consider a recurring donation up to Nov 3rd. This reliable stream of money is easier on the pocketbook and helps us financially plan

Mail checks to P.O. Box 157 Jamestown, CA 95327 and you can make it out to "Jaron Brandon for Supervisor". Please do not mail cash, money orders, gift cards, etc. Please include your occupation, home address, and contact information.

If you would like to support the campaign but prefer your name is not attached, each person can donate up to $99 each election cycle (primary, then general) and it will not be reported to the county as per FPPC rules.

If you would like to donate goods or services (in-kind donations) such as your professional abilities or materials, please email

If you are willing to independently raise money, please email

$5 helps. A recurring $20 donation helps too. Or helping us build capacity with a $250 donation –– it's a huge help! But regardless of the amount that you can afford, I want to thank you. It's easy to like or comment on Facebook, but putting money into something you believe in –– that's a whole 'nother step in getting involved and for grassroots campaigns, so critical to our success.



$15,261.00 raised
GOAL: $15,000.00