Community Projects

Tuolumne County runs on volunteers in so many ways, but those relationships and habits take time and maintenance. COVID-19 has disrupted all of that. If you like to get involved, or are feeling inspired to start, find a way to turn that free time into community action! There's a lot of ways.

I hate to be that guy but . . .

If you are financially secure, consider making a donation of part or all of your stimulus check to any number of local charities and service organizations. I am 100% happy to connect you with someone doing good in the community so you can help support their efforts. All the work done by volunteers is fueled by donations to provide the personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, facilities, and staff that support them. 

Make Face Coverings

Leanne Lucido has been doing GREAT work on this making hundreds for the community. You can do it with all kinds of fun patterns and cloth. Here is the official CDC design:

Start a "Victory Garden!"

Support Joyful Heart Gardens in Jamestown by buying some plants!

Leanne Lucido is also offering plant starts for free at her home, 165 Bradford Street.

You can also have plant starts delivered from Mountain Sage in Groveland. 

Volunteer time

Some great places

  • Jamestown Family Resource Center -- A huge amount of work is run out of here by Mark Dyken and his team. 
  • ATCAA Food Bank -- Call to see how and when you can help with packing and distributing food to the needy. Program usage is already up 30%!
  • Nancy's Hope -- Located in Columbia near the airport, Nancy's Hope runs tons of community programs and is always looking for good volunteers!
  • CERT -- National link to CERT teams from FEMA and the local link to one based out of Twain Harte. They respond to natural disasters as trained, on-demand volunteers. Right now they are doing daily courtesy calls to seniors.
  • Grovery Trips -- Contact local markets like Claud's Market (Columbia), Barendreght's (Jamestown), and the Columbia Mercantile 1855 (Columbia) and offer to make deliveries to seniors. 
  • Out in Groveland? -- Check the Echo Co-Op page that is being updated with lots of local resources. Shoutout to their great work!

Have more opportunities you'd like to see here? Send them to Jaron!

Donate Needed Supplies

Have any of the following items? They are greatly needed! Contact Jaron to put you in touch with who needs it. 

  • Elastic for masks
  • Extra sanitation supplies (N95 masks, face coverings, hand sanitizer, boxes of gloves, etc)
  • Yeast for cooking
  • Blankets and tents for unsheltered populations so they can be warm and practice social distance. 
  • Extra room space from motels, hotels, and B&Bs to temporarily convert to living space
  • Food items for local charities

Trade Books

If you have recent, good condition, high demand books that you want to trade or donate, there's a lot of folks diving into a good novel right now! Contact Jaron and he can get you in touch with who is offering them, who wants them, and where to go.

Donate Blood

Yes, blood is still needed and donations are down due to shelter-in-place. Call in to the Sonora Bloodbank and make an appointment. (800) 733-2767

Clean Up A Curb

While there is a shelter-in-place order, you can still go outside so long as you maintain effective social distance. Why not take a street and gather some garbage? Just make sure to wear protective gloves, a face covering, and use hand sanitizer and wash your hands as often as possible as the trash items have the potential for contamination. Plus, it's garbage so . . .

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